How a San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You with an Injury Claim

How a San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You with an Injury Claim

Millions of people each year are involved with minor and serious road accidents however, only a small percentage turn to a San Antonio car accident lawyer for help. Most people don’t think about lawyers when they are sitting in hospital, their only concern is to get better but they may be entitled to compensation if the accident wasn’t their fault. However, how can a San Antonio car accident lawyer help with an injury claim?

Lawyers Will Find If There Is a Case to Answer

First and foremost, not all car accidents results in a lawsuit especially if the one trying to sue is the one responsible for the accident. That is the most important point to remember but a good lawyer will talk over what happened and find out if there really is a case or otherwise. If the lawyer doesn’t think they can win the case or believe there is even a case, they will say so that no time is wasted on their part or the claimant’s part. A good San Antonio auto accident lawyer will know if there is a case to answer.

Open the Line of Communication with Insurance Companies

When a lawyer believes there is a case to be answered, they will talk to the driver, who was at fault for the accident, as well as their insurance company. This is an important part of a San Antonio car accident lawyer because it may help to get everything settled quickly. Lawyers can help open the lines of communication open which is important as many people can’t negotiate successfully with insurers unlike lawyers who talk with the legal teams involved to get a claim settled.

Find Evidence of Liability and Build a Case

It’s the lawyer’s responsibility to help gather all necessary evidence in order to build a case and any good San Antonio auto accident lawyer will do so. He or she will find evidence or liability on the guilty party’s part and will build a strong case. Lawyers will talk to witnesses who may have seen what happened as well as talk to hospital staff and obtain copies of the accident report and maybe even photograph the scene also.

• Finding Medical Records
• Obtaining Medical Bills
• Talk With Health Care Workers About Injuries Sustained

These are also methods lawyers will use to help build a case.

Show Evidence of Injuries and Damages

This is one of the biggest parts of any accident claim because substantial evidence needs to be shown of any and all damages and injuries suffered during the accident. It makes the case really because if there is no evidence, there is no case. However, it is the San Antonio auto accident lawyer responsibility to get all legal documentation together showing what injuries were suffered as a result of the accident; as well as current medical bills and what, if any, future medical bills will cost. Lawyers will also show if damage has been done to the car also.

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A San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer Can Present a Case in Court
Lawyers do the hard part – they present a case and negotiate for a settlement – and even though a case may not result in tens of thousands of dollars, it can result in covering all out of pocket expenses. This is the most important reason for using a lawyer because many may not be able to get a fair settlement without going through a lawyer. A San Antonio auto accident lawyer can help deal with an injury claim.

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