How a San Antonio Divorce lawyer should handle your case


 Divorce is an emotionally trying time for both spouses. Even the spouse that is requesting the divorce will feel emotional pain. Divorce can also be a very expensive process. Couples may be in court for years fighting over child custody issues and support, alimony , division and property ,and other marital issues. A divorce lawyer will recommend reconciliation before the divorce is finalized. In most cases the lawyer will recommend that the couple try to work things and settle their differences before deciding on divorce. There are many reasons why a good divorce lawyer will recommend reconciliation.


Mental Health


Divorce is an emotionally draining process that can lead to depression. Both parties are going to feel hurt, pain, and anger. Before decision on a divorce each spouse should take a good look at themselves and their behaviors. They need to take responsibility for the problems in their relationship. Many people think they will have a great life after a divorce and be happy. This is often not the case. At one point in time the coupled loved each other and will some personal growth they may be able to get that love back.




A couple should not stay together solely for the sake of the children. A couple should try to reconcile before they turn the whole world their children have known upside down. Even parents that work together for the sake of their children often see changes in them. Children can have psychological and behavioral issues after a divorce. They may hear their parents saying bad things about each other and may be dragged in and out of court for a number of years. Before splitting up spouses should try to work things out for the sake of their children.


Financial Reasons


Getting a divorce is by no means cheap. A spouse may have to buy the other spouse’s portion of the home. They will often have to divide the property. There is also marital debt to think of. Alimony and child support can also be very expensive. One of the biggest expenses during a divorce will be legal fees. Lawyers can charge hundreds of dollars an hour. If the divorce drags out in court a person can easily spend several thousand dollars during this process. A couple can go from living a comfortable life to financially struggling. Before a couple divorces they should look at all of these expenses including changes in lifestyle and determine if the divorce is really worth it.


Problems with New Relationships


When a couple is looking a divorce they will eventually want to date other people. While dating does have some fun times it is a lot of work. Finding the time to date is also a challenge for many. Between work and child care there is not much time left for dating. If a person does not look at themselves and change old relationship problems can follow them into the new relationship. Personal issues will not go away on their own. Instead of running to someone new a couple should work out their own issues before divorcing.


These are some reasons why a good divorce lawyer will recommend reconciliation before filing for divorce. There are some instances such as abuse, drug use, and serious reasons as to why a couple should break up and a lawyer will fully support the divorce. For couples that are having trouble tolerating each other or have differences reconciliation may be able to save their marriage and save them a great deal of pain and suffering.


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